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Canada Credit Card Relief

Canada credit card companies such as MBNA, BMO, CIBC, Scotiabank, American Express, and Capital One Canada have long kept quiet on their debt relief programs for consumers. No credit card company wants to take less than what they are owed from consumers. However, debt relief programs in Canada do exist, even though they are not advertised. A credit card relief settlement is when your creditors, such as credit card companies, accept less than what they are owed.

Why Do Debt Relief Programs Exists?

The reason they accept these debt settlement offers is because a percentage of consumers will default on their credit card, meaning they will never pay back the credit card company. The creditors rather get something instead of nothing, so they have a debt relief program where they work with Canadian credit card relief companies who work with consumers in filing out paperwork to get approved.

Canada Debt Relief Warnings

There are a lot of bad apples within the debt relief industry. Even if you do not work with one of our network partners, please read carefully what contracts and agreements you sign and DO NOT pay any debt relief company anything until they show proof that they have successfully settled your debts!

Benefits of Canada Credit Card Relief

  • Reduce creditor harassment
  • Consolidate multiple credit card payments into one
  • Settle anywhere from 20% to as much as 75% of your total balance
If you are located in the US, visit debt settlement.